Torch Down Roofing

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Torch down is a particular method that has been designed for low angle and flat roofs. Even though some people might consider it costly and even dangerous compared with other roofing, torch down is a highly durable option that can last up to 20 years and is probably the best choice for homes in areas with harsh weather.

Torch down roofing gets its name from the technique that its used to apply it. The part of the material that makes contact with the cover underneath is melted with a torch in order to seal it. This generates a secure hold and a waterproof seal that prevents leaks. Torch down roofing is available in two-layer and three-layer options, which last between 15 and 20 years or even longer.

Another benefit of torch down roofing is that it provides an amazing protection against heat, while adding some extra coats of material generates a fire-resistant layer. This type of roofing also protects your home from UV rays and is free of harmful fumes.

Torch Down Roofing Maintenance

Just like any other roofing, torch down requires maintenance to make sure its longevity. It’s important to keep it debris-free and repair leaks, which shouldn’t be a hard task in flat roofs. It is also recommendable to have your roof re-sealed every 5 years. Areas around the chimney, gutter and around the flashing should receive special attention, as they usually require additional repair.

Is Torch Down Roofing Really Dangerous?

There is an existing debate among homeowners and roofing professionals about the potential danger of torch down roofing. The main worry in this debate lies in the use of live fire in its installation: materials could overheat and fire could generate in some areas. Even though this hazards are possible, having torch down roofing handled by a professional could decrease them to none.

Aside to that, we need to understand that in some cases, this type of roofing is not only the best but even the only choice. Some homes that are built in areas with difficult weather get not only a highly durable roofing but also the maximum protection against rain, leakage and excessive heat. Torch down also provides fire resistance and as it keeps the house cooler, it can reduce the energy consumption.

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