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Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Services

Replacing an aging roof can improve curb appeal and raise your home’s perceived worth. More significantly, it will safeguard your property and, eventually, your investment from the elements (water, wind, etc…).

We have hundreds of recommendations from former consumers as a leading residential and commercial roofing company in California and Texas, so you can be confident that your roofing job will be done perfectly the first time.

Quality You Can Trust
  • Inspection

    Journey Builders roofing specialists will examine your existing roof and offer their expert advice.

  • Demolition

    Once the construction begins, Journey Builders will safely uninstall all of the components that are to be replaced and remove them from the property.

  • New Roof Installation

    Journey Builders will complete the new roof installation, from beginning to end, within the agreed timeframe.

Why Journey Builders is the Leading Roofing Company in California and Texas.

Our work is clean, deadlines are met, and we always go the extra mile to keep homeowners satisfied.

Roof Replacement Process.

The roof replacement process with Journey Builders is more or less the same for all property owners. To ensure that items are installed correctly and safety requirements are satisfied, we follow industry best practices. Following this tried-and-true procedure ensures that your roof is installed correctly. When finished, it will provide better protection and look stunning.

The process is as follows:



Before we begin removing old materials, we must conduct an inspection. This helps us to identify places where additional work, such as roof decking replacement or attic venting repairs, may be required. This inspection takes place as part of your free estimate.


Material Removal

We start by removing old materials on the day of the roof replacement. This includes decaying decking, aged shingles/tiles, flashing, vent boots, underlayment, and underlayment. All of these materials are disposed of utilizing garbage containers such as trucks or portable dumpsters.



Decking and Underlayment

If your home requires new decking, we’ll start with that first. Otherwise, we’ll start laying down new shingles or tile underlayments. At this point in the process, we also prepare the flashing in the correct places.


Install Shingles/Tiles

 The type of material you choose will dictate how we install your roofing materials. Tiles are attached together with a fastening system, while shingles are put with nails. We work our way up from the eaves, or the bottom of the roof, to the ridges, or the top.


Flashing Finalization

The required flashing is applied to the roof seams. Flashing is done around your chimney, skylight, vents, and other areas.


Install Vents

Vents and vent boots complete the final touches on your roof. These could be ridge vents or something else entirely. It depends on the roof construction of your home.



The final stage of construction is to clear the workplace of any debris and clean up any materials that have been left behind.

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