Roof Restoration Coatings

Restoration Coatings

Since 1997, Journey Builders has been offering a reliable and effective roofing service. We go the additional mile to provide a comprehensive package that meets each client’s specific demands and, of course, and their budget. 

Are Restoration Coatings Effective?

Yes. You can extend the life and efficiency of your roofing investment by using roof coatings.

Benefits of Restoration Coatings

Increase Your Roof's Lifespan

By using roof restoration coatings, you can increase the life of your roof!

Fast & Easy

It generally takes half the time to apply restoration coatings compared to re-roofing.


Restoration coatings costs less than half of a re-roofing job.

Roof Restoration Coating
We Only Use The Finest Material In Roof Restoration Coatings

Journey Builders offers a variety of roof coating services, including silicone roof coating, roof restorations, cool roof coating, waterproofing your roof, and painting. 

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