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Tiles: Mankind’s Oldest Roofing Option

Did you know that tiles are the oldest roofing material created by mankind? The first tiles were made out of clay in ancient China and for centuries they were applied in roofs in Asia, middle East and Europe. If they are still in use it’s because they are probably the most durable roofing option.

In the USA, tile roofing was brought by Dutch and Spanish immigrants. The characteristic orange color comes from the clay that is implemented to create the tiles and goes under a fire process. In addition, coloring can be implemented by using minerals and glazes in the baking process.

Tiles Composition

Nowadays, clay and concrete tiles are the most common options in America. Concrete tiles are 30% to 50% more affordable in cost and installation than the ones made with clay. However, clay options are way more durable, lasting as long as 75 or even 100 years!

There are some details you need to keep in mind when it comes to choose tile roofing for your property. Tiles that work well in dry, desertic areas may not do that well in areas with different wheater.

Installing Your Tiles

Installing tiles on your roof requires a minimum slope of 4 to 12 and need to be performed by professionals. Laying down tiles is not necessarily difficult but cutting them to hips and valleys is something only a pro can do with optimal results. And if by any chance your roof has a chimney or solar panels the matter goes even beyond the capabilities of your average handyman.

Tiles are a permanent roof that can last an average of 50 and 75 years; so it is important to make sure everything underneath has equal long-lasting quality. No matter their quality, all the tiles will come down if the underlayment and flashings deteriorate. You also need to use quality copper nails, crews and stainless steel on your fastening system.

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