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Should I Have a Roof Repair or Go for a Full Replacement?

To roof repair or roof replacement, that’s the question. If money is the problem, you may consider getting a repair because it’s cheaper than having your entire roof replaced. But it’ll be pointless to repair your roof if 90% of it is already irreparable. So what should you consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your roof? 

What are the Reasons You Should Get Roof Repair Service? 

Minor Damage 

Roof replacement is costlier than repair. That’s why if the damage is only minor, then roof repair can do the trick. A roof can last for many years. When damage is confined in small areas, it can be easily fixed by our professionals. A small leak over your bathroom, for instance, can be easily patched. It’s isolated damage that doesn’t affect the entire roof. 

Roof Repair

Need Quick Service 

Roof replacement can take a lot of time to complete. If you need to be out of your house for a few weeks and you just discovered a leak, then you can choose roof repair. Our professionals can patch up the leak and you can decide whether to replace the entire roof when you’re back. With a repair, the leak will be repaired quickly even at short notice. 

Budget is an Issue

As mentioned, roof replacement is costlier. If you don’t have the money yet, then roof repair can help you save hundreds of dollars. The cost of having a new roof can exceed your immediate budget. 

However, not all issues in your roof can be repaired. Depending on the assessment of our professionals, your roof may need replacement. 

Replace it If 

The Roof is Too Old 

Although your roof can last for decades, it won’t last for a lifetime. If it has reached its sell-by date, then you will need to re-roofing the service. If your roof is made of metal or clay, it can last for centuries. But asphalt roofs can only last for two decades. If the roof is too old, you might want to consider replacing it. 

Non-compliant with Building Codes

The modern-day building codes include what type of roof you need to install. If the roof in your house is the only one that prevents your house from complying with the building codes, then it might be time to replace it. If your roof doesn’t comply with the current building code, you could face problems, later on, should you decide to sell your house. But before you decide, though, talk to a roofing specialist to assess your current roof. 

Damage is Extreme

If a tree has fallen straight on your house, the damage to your roof can be overwhelming. It can’t be patched through repair work. Furthermore, if leaks are found everywhere, then it’s time to invest in a new roof. Roof repair can only handle 30% of your roof. If the damage is beyond that, then consider replacing your roof. 

But it’s not that easy to decide whether to go for roof repair work or roof replacement. That’s why you need a roofing specialist to examine your existing roof. Contact us today to get free estimates or consult with our specialist: (818) 528-6101

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