Burbank Roofing

“Roofing” means a lot more than just “putting a roof over your head.” It means putting up the right roof in the right way. Here at Journey Builders, we offer many different kinds of roofing services. Below are just some of the options available. Our professionals can work with you to provide lasting roofing solutions to meet your exact needs.

Roof Restoration Coatings

Do you want to extend the life of your roof? Has it been a minute since a trained professional looked your roofing over? Roof restoration coatings can be the solution. No matter what kind of roofing you have, they all require both inspections and preventative maintenance. Our roof restoration coatings do exactly that: they restore your roof. Specifically, they can help against water filtration, protective membrane deterioration, leaks, and so much more. Moreover, when we apply these coatings, we’re also inspecting your roof for any defects at the same time. From there, we can figure out the best way to treat your roofing going forward. That way, we can fix any potential problems before they become actual problems. This can save you plenty of money today as well as tomorrow.

Torch Down Roofing

Are you looking for durable roofing that can last for decades in even the harshest weather? Do you want roofing that will be able to withstand even the most intense heat? Torch Down roofing may be the answer. Named after its application technique, this particular kind of roofing prevents leaks and lasts for between fifteen to twenty-plus years. Beyond durability and heat/fire resistance, as it can keep your building safer, it reduces energy consumption as well. Yes, it requires maintenance. But, it only needs to be re-sealed every half-decade or so. As the application process can be intensive, it’s best to go with experienced professionals when it comes to Torch Down roofing.

TPO Roofing

Do you want affordable roofing that’s resistant to mold, dirt, water, and even punctures? Is your building in a climate where the weather is so hot and dry that it causes your property to be damaged by thermal expansion and contraction? Those are just some of the reasons that folks have been gravitating towards TPO Roofing more and more. A newer form of roofing, TPO Roofing (or “Thermoplastic Polyolefin”) has become quite popular for commercial and industrial buildings. There are many reasons for that. It can be installed in one single application and it’s available in many different colors. So, it can be made to fit your aesthetic and applied so quickly that you don’t have to worry about shutting your business down for long (if at all). That said, it’s very popular for residential buildings as well. Homeowners gravitate towards it who are looking for heat-welded roofing so as to give their home an extra layer of protection. Highly resistant to ozone, UV, and chemical exposure, this roofing offers essentially all of the benefits of EPDM and PVC roofing with none of the drawbacks. The relative “newness” of this material makes it all the more important that you get it installed properly by professionals.

Tile Roofing

Are you looking for permanent roofing solutions, the kind that lasts for as long as 75 or even 100 years? Do you want tried and true roofing that has stood the test of time? Tile roofing very well may be the single oldest roofing material created by mankind. You can find tile roofing as far as back as ancient China, the Middle East, and Europe. Obviously, what we offer today in terms of tile roofing is light years beyond what was available back then or even a few years ago. But, the fundamental principles still apply today. Our trained professionals know how to properly cut tiles to hips, valleys, and more with optimal results. Moreover, we can install your tile roofing in a way that can best fit your chimney, solar panels, and everything else that makes your roof your roof.

Shingle Roofing

Do you want roofing that provides fantastic UV protection as well as affordability? Have you been looking for roofing that’s incredibly durable while also matching the color/aesthetic of your building? Should that be the case, shingle roofing may be the answer. Perhaps the most common roofing solution, all of our shingles are reinforced with fiberglass as well as coated with asphalt and mineral fillers. Whether you choose to go with laminates, wood, or other kinds, all of our shingles are waterproof, durable, and affordable. Journey Builder is a Certified Select Shingle Master Installer and Owens Corning Preferred Installer company. As you might imagine, that means we’re qualified to make sure your shingles look and last as they should.

The above are just some of the roofing solutions that we offer. We’re always glad to help you find the best, most customized options for your roofing. For a free inspection and estimate, you can message us through this site or call us at (818) 528-6101.


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