Roof Restoration Coatings

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No matter what type of roofing you choose for your building, they all require a regular inspection and preventive maintenance. It is recommendable to do that at least twice a year in the intermediate seasons (this is, spring or fall). This maintenance prevents minor roofing issues that might lead into big problems such as water filtrations and other damages that might deteriorate your roof and overall property. You might end up spending much more time and money in a major repair or even a roof replacement!

Roof restoration coatings is a proactive cost-effective process that prolongs the life of many types of functioning roofings. Restoration improves your roof’s performance as it identifies and repairs defects while adding a new coat to enhance waterproofing.

Why Should I Invest in Roof Restoration Coatings?

Most of the commercial and industrial buildings roofs in the USA have a lifespan of merely seven and a half years. Most of them do not properly maintenance, which eventually leads to expensive repairs and even replacements. This is like that because when the protective membrane deteriorates, the plies underneath receive UV, which breaks them down, deteriorates and in time creates leaks.

It makes no sense to let all that happen. Applying roof restoration coatings every year (2 years maximum) will ensure your roof’s durability without disturbing it.

Some flat buildings present an obvious yet avoidable problem: ponding water. Commercial and industrial low-sloped and flat roofs might generate them when storms or hard rain happen. This problem has to do mostly with age and design of your building’s roof system. Water ponds are the main source of roof leaks. And even though roof restoration coatings by themselves cannot avoid the formation of those ponds, their application can definitely prevent them to do more damage.

Hire Professionals for your Restoration Work

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