Do you want the kind of roof for your industrial building that’s going to stand the test of time? 

Have you been looking for experienced industrial roofing contractors? 

Here at Journey Roofing & Construction, we’ve provided roofing for many different kinds of industrial facilities. Now, we can put that experience to work for you. 

The truth is that industrial buildings are not the same as residential buildings or even most commercial ones. We know that every industry is different. So, you should have a roof to match. 

The right materials, the proper application methods, all handled by professional craftspeople at a price that meets your budget – that’s what we provide at Journey Roofing & Construction. 


We’ve built roofing for so many different kinds of industrial buildings. From manufacturing facilities to warehouses, laboratories to development structures, if there’s an industrial building that needed a roof, we have, in all likelihood, provided it. 

So, that means we know what works best in what situation. 

Perhaps your building would best be served by a metal roof that can last for almost a half-century to come. 

Or, alternatively, maybe you could most use a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roof, as it’s resistant to fire, wind, UV rays, and will keep those inside your building cool to boot. 

Made to Fit Your Needs 

You may have read the above paragraph and thought: “that sounds great, but how do I know which roof is right for my building?” 

We can help there, too. 

We’re always glad to sit down with folks and figure out exactly which roof would be right for them.  

At Journey Roofing & Construction, we’ll let you know about all of your potential options. Then, we can determine which will be able to help you today as well as tomorrow. 

Repairs and Maintenance

We don’t just provide new roofing here at Journey Roofing & Construction

Rather, we provide roofing solutions. 

So, if you believe there’s something wrong with your roof, we’d love to help. 

We can look at your roofing and figure out exactly what isn’t up to snuff. Then, we’ll let you know our expert opinion. 

Usually, it’s something that can be fixed and repaired. 

Sometimes, the best repair for your specific situation is a brand new roof. 

Always, we work with you and your budget to provide you with the best solution. 

Ready to Help 

Your industrial building deserves the best roof possible. We can provide it, whether that’s through repairs, preventative maintenance, or installation. 

You can get a free quote here.