Roof Maintenance (Secondary Keyword: Roof Repair)

How Often Should You Have Roof Maintenance at Home?

The roof is often one of the most ignored parts of the house. The only time homeowners would take notice is when it starts to leak or break apart. But according to the National Roofing Contractors Association, roof maintenance should be done at least two times a year. 

What are the Reasons You Need Roof Maintenance

Certain things can go wrong on your roof. If you failed to act quickly to fix it, the issues can get worse over time. You may soon face an expensive roof repair that can ruin your yearly budget. To avoid this to happen, you need to get roof maintenance twice a year. It’s better to pay for a small roof repair than to shell out thousands of dollars for a roof replacement. 

Roof Maintenance (Secondary Keyword: Roof Repair)

Prevent Damage from Getting Worse 

Your roof is susceptible to damage from high winds, wild hail, and heavy rain. These things can seriously damage your roof. That’s why after a big weather event, you should hire a roofing contractor to inspect your roof. If there are damages, they must be fixed before they get worse. 

Stop Vegetation to Grow 

Remember that weeds and plants can grow in gutters. This can happen if the gutters are not cleaned out. Some birds can also deposit seeds or nest in the gutters causing further damage to the gutter. The problem with this is that the vegetation can penetrate the roof membrane causing a leak throughout the room. But, during a roof maintenance procedure, the roofing professional will remove any weeds, plants, or trees to grow in the gutters. 

See Problems with Aged Roof 

Roofs can indeed last for decades. But no matter what type of roof your house has, it still gets older as time goes by. As the roof gets older, it faces more problems. Without early intervention, though, the roof problems will get worse. However, if you address the issues immediately, you can lower the risk of an emergency and costly roof replacement. 

Who Should Perform Roof Maintenance? 

Roof maintenance work must only be done by roofing pros. However, you can check up on your roof regularly. For instance, you can check it up after a heavy storm. You don’t need to clamber up a ladder just to get a good view of your roof. A pair of binoculars will help you see potential issues. 

But twice a year, you need to call a professional roofer to inspect the roof to identify potential issues you have missed. The professional can give you an estimate about how many more years (or decades) the roof will last. 

After inspection, the roofer will do roof maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the gutters, trimming overhanging branches, patching up your chimney, among others. When you call a roofing contractor, it can give you the list of things it will do to maintain your roof. 
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