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Are you looking for the right roofing for your Home Owners’ Association? 

Do you need roof repairs (or even new roofing) for your condos and/or apartment? 

No matter what kind of roofing you need, whether it’s pitched or flat, metal or TPO, or anything else, we can provide lasting roofing solutions. 

Moreover, we can do that while making sure there is as little disruption to the lives of your occupants as possible. By utilizing the best, most cutting-edge methods and techniques, our trained professionals are able to work efficiently as well as quietly and unobtrusively. 


Over the years, we’ve provided roofing to seemingly just about every kind of HOA there is. From condos to apartments to everything else, if there’s a building with an HOA we’ve installed a top-notch roof on top of it. 

Moreover, we do so at a price that matches your exact needs. We know that even in the most luxurious buildings, budget is an issue. So, we provide a solution that fits yours exactly. 

We’re always glad to provide references and show our portfolio. 

The truth is that we have HOA clients that have stayed with us for many years. In fact, that’s the kind of relationship that we work to foster with our clients. 

While we’re glad to provide new roofing and/or repairs once, we’re grateful that so many of our clients have us back again and again. 

Roofing to Match Your Building 

Even the best roofing needs repair and maintenance eventually. 

At Journey, when we install a roof, we make sure that it’ll last as long as possible. 

That said, many of our clients initially call us because they believe that there’s something lacking in their roofing, or something could be improved. 

In that case, our professionals can be out to you quickly. Once there, we’ll ascertain exactly what the situation is. 

Often, all that needs to be done is that the roofing has to be repaired. However, sometimes the best repair is to get a brand new roof. 

We’ll lay out all of your options, all backed by our experience. 

Roofing Solutions Today 

When we offer a “free estimate,” it’s exactly that – free. 

Additionally, it is what it says it is. 

There are no “hidden fees” or any of that foolishness. 

We’ll sit down with you, tell you what it will cost, and then deliver the highest quality of work. 

For a free estimate, click here.