Does Commercial Roofing Last Long?

Journey Builders 10/22/21

The lifespan of commercial roofing in Los Angeles will depend on the type of roof installed. How it’s installed will also affect the integrity of the roof. That’s why if you want to ensure that the roofing system will last for more than 4 decades, you need to hire a professional roofing company to install…

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Replacing Your Roof — When Do You Need It?

Journey Builders 10/11/21

Our San Jose roofing company offers roof replacement services. But many of our clients don’t know a thing or two about when to replace their roofing system. Do they have to wait until they see a leak? Or they have to wait until the water is already pouring through the ceiling.  San Jose Roofing Company…

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Commercial Roofing Los Angeles

Journey Builders 10/07/21

If your commercial roofing is damaged, aging, or simply not performing as well as it used to then it is time to call in a roof repair specialist. A California roofing contractor can help you decide which type of roofing will best suit your needs and work within your budget. Before you pick up the…

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Los Angeles Roofing Company

Journey Builders 10/04/21

Roofing can account for almost 40% of a home’s exterior. Aside from keeping the interior of your home safe and dry, your roof can enhance your home’s curb appeal and allow for the installation of solar panels or chimneys. Before having any work done to your roof however there are a few things that you…

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California Roof Repair

Journey Builders 09/30/21

Just as you take time to clean and organize the inside of your home, you need to pay attention to the condition of your roof. The roof of a home or commercial building can experience more damage than any other part of the exterior because it is always exposed to direct sunlight, inclement weather, and…

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San Jose Roofing

Journey Builders 09/25/21

There is much more to roofing than simply putting a layer on the top of your building’s exterior. When a roof is improperly installed, repaired, or maintenance it can lead to serious issues later on. These complications are not only more expensive and time-consuming, but they are also easily preventable should you choose to work…

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San Jose Roofing Solutions When Building a New Warehouse

Journey Builders 09/21/21

Installing a high-quality roof on your new warehouse will not only add value but also last for a long and look beautiful. You will not keep worrying about a leaking roof or losses due to water. You have many material options to use on your warehouse roof and if you love quality, San Jose Roofing…

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Roof Repair Specialist in San Jose Tips on How to Protect Your Roof from Rains and Storms

Journey Builders 09/18/21

Rains and storms can cause havoc and damage the roof of your house. When storms are strong, they can rip off your roof, cause trees to fall on it, and deposit a lot of debris on the roof. The debris will settle in the gutters and block water flow. Your roof might soon start leaking…

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