How Often Should You Perform Roof Maintenance at Home?

Journey Builders 05/19/22

You spent hundreds or thousands of money to replace your roof. Thus, it’s only reasonable to maintain it. Roof maintenance is necessary to prevent minor issues to become a major hazard if left untreated. But how often to do it?  How Often Does Your New Roof Require Roof Maintenance Service?  All California roofing pros recommend…

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Commercial Roofing Contractors’ Common Timelines

Journey Builders 05/16/22

When hiring commercial roofing contractors for roof replacement, it’s likely that they’ll tell you the project can take a few days or weeks. It’s best that you expect what will arise before, during, and after the project. Knowing these things will help prepare you for any sudden change.  What is the Typical Roof Replacement Timeline…

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Is Roof Repair Better Than Roof Replacement?

Journey Builders 05/12/22

Nothing can last forever. Even your roof has a lifespan. When it’s already showing signs of damage, you may have to decide whether to call a roof repair service or just have it replaced. Unfortunately, deciding on your own have risks. If you choose to repair or replace it without proper consultation, then you might…

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Roof Leak Repair DIY vs Hiring a Contractor

Journey Builders 05/09/22

Various online videos teach you how to perform roof leak repair. Many homeowners are choosing the DIY route because they think that they can save money from it. But should you do it? Or is it wiser to just hire a contractor?  DIY Roof Leak Repair vs Hiring a Contractor  Before you even consider repairing…

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How Long Does a Commercial Roof Last?

Journey Builders 05/05/22

Many building owners overlooked the functions of commercial roofing in Los Angeles. As the roof is working, it is out of their sight and out of their mind. However, when issues arise, they can’t help but call commercial roofing contractors. Knowing how long a commercial roof can last will assist you in making preparations for…

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Santa Clara Roofing Options to Keep in Mind for Summer 2022

Journey Builders 05/02/22

Santa Clara experiences extremely hot weather in the summer. The right roof must be installed as it serves as the first line of defense against intense heat. If you opted for poorly made roofing materials, they can just degrade in the heat. Over time, they wear off leading to costly repairs. If it’s time for…

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Hiring Commercial Roofing Contractors for the First Time

Journey Builders 04/26/22

There are dozens of commercial roofing contractors in LA. Unfortunately, not all of them are specialists. Thus, the tricky part, if it’s your first time hiring one, is to find a contractor that can complete a large-scale roofing project successfully.  Things to Consider Before Hiring Commercial Roofing Contractors  Reputation  Most commercial roofing contractors in Los…

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Does Home Insurance Cover a Roof Leak Repair in Los Angeles?

Journey Builders 04/23/22

Homeowners must keep tabs on maintaining their houses. Unfortunately, most of them neglect to maintain their roof. They’ll only take notice when they experience a leaking roof, which is a nightmare. The cost of repairing a leak can be minimal. But if you don’t maintain your roof regularly, expect the cost of roof leak repair…

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Roof Repair Specifications for California’s Weather

Journey Builders 04/19/22

The roof on your house provides the main barrier between the weather outside and your interior. The elements can be brutal, thereby, affecting your home’s roofing shingles. Although shingles can last for more than a decade, they may need roof repair now and again. But when can repairs be conducted considering the weather in California? …

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