Roof Leak Repair DIY Does Not Work: Here’s Why

Journey Builders 09/14/21

The temptation is always there, especially if you notice the area that requires repair is small. Roof Leak Repair requires a lot of professionalism and that’s why experts advise against taking the DIY direction. You might have the right tools for the work and you can easily damage other shingles or tiles. A professional knows what…

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Roof Inspection Importance After a Strong Rainy Season

Journey Builders 09/10/21

The roof provides vital protection of your house from elements and it shelters you and your family from cold, heat, rain, wind, and so on. As the roof shields your house and family against all these natural elements, it also wears out, gets discolored, gathers debris, and tears out too. The rainy season is specifically…

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Los Angeles Roofing Company for Your Old House Restoration

Journey Builders 09/07/21

Living in an old house has its unique advantages like vintage craftsmanship, unique structural design, and charm. Compared to modern houses, old homes seem to have a stronger structural design, better foundation, and longevity.  Due to age, old homes keep degrading in quality and beauty, and restoring them can be a tedious and expensive process….

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Commercial Roofing Los Angeles to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Journey Builders 09/04/21

A quality roof on your commercial building plays several important roles in protecting your business and workers. Daily, the roof endures a harsh environment from the sun’s heat, cold, storms, snow, weathering, and wearing. Without good care, you might soon find yourself budgeting for a new roof. With good care, you can increase the lifespan…

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How to Find the Right Commercial Roofing Contractors

Journey Builders 08/30/21

Have you been researching different commercial roofing contractors but you aren’t sure how to choose one over the other? Has it felt like each contractor sort of blends into the next, to the point where it’s difficult to make a decision? There is no shortage of contractors in California, to say the very least. When…

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A California Roofing Contractor You Can Trust With Your Roof

Journey Builders 08/25/21

Have you been searching for a quality California roofing contractor? When you compare one contractor to another, does it feel like they’re all the same? The truth is that when it comes to your roof, you don’t want to have to “settle for a contractor.” Rather, you want the best contractor possible, the kind that…

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What a Professional Roof Inspection Looks For

Journey Builders 08/21/21

Has it been a while since you had a roof inspection on your property? Do you ever sit and think to yourself: “is an inspection really necessary?” The truth is that an inspection can uncover problems with your roofing that you may not be aware of. Even better, an inspection can find potential problems with…

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Roof Leak Repair and Other Potentially Necessary Services

Journey Builders 08/17/21

Have you noticed water stains in your ceilings and roofing? Does it seem like there’s a leak in your roof but you can’t tell what it is? Obviously, if your roof is leaking, the best thing you can do is to reach out to the professionals. It can be tempting to try and fix it…

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The Factors of Roof Maintenance in Studio City

Journey Builders 08/13/21

Has it been more than six months since you had your roof inspected? When you think about a roof inspection, do you find yourself thinking: “my roofing seems fine, why do I really need to have it looked at?” The purposes of our inspections and maintenance are basically to find out if there are potential…

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What Makes a True Roof Repair Specialist

Journey Builders 08/09/21

Are you looking for a roof repair specialist who is actually, well, a specialist? Does it seem like every so-called “specialist” that you encounter really doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to provide you with the roofing solutions that you need? Here at Journey Builders, we make sure that every roofing specialist on our staff…

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